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Computel offers an array of services designed to suit your organization.  We offer our no-risk billing analysis service for the following utilities:

bulletAlso see our special services expressly designed for Municipal Governments.

We have found that a high percentage of our clients have been overcharged on one or more of their accounts.  Typically, this involves being charged the wrong rate for service you have and/or being charged for service that you do not have.

How it works:

bulletWith your authorization, we request account information directly from your utility providers.
bulletWe review and analyze bills and customer service records.
bulletUsing our expertise in utility tariffs, we identify current and prior overcharges and file a written claim with the responsible utility company.
bulletWe handle claim negotiations to secure the maximum refund possible.  Generally the statute of limitations limits the refund period to six years.  However, in certain circumstances we have exceeded that limit.
bulletAll refunds go directly from the utility company to you.
bulletWhen appropriate, we recommend options for more cost-effective service.
bulletEverything we do is in conjunction with the rules, regulations and tariffs on file with the New York State Public Service Commission.

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